Fish Taxidermy

For years we have always had the passion and vision to give you the highest quality and one of a kind fish mount.

The memory of the catch makes it a trophy no matter the size.  From skin mounts to reproductions, we do them all. Reproductions can be done from a length and girth measurement with a picture of the fish.We do small to large fish. No fish is too big. We do both freshwater and saltwater reproduction.

We have a fast turnaround time, but quality of your trophy will not be compromised!

Retail fish mounts can be skin mounts or replicas. Please call for prices and shipping instructions.

Fish Field Care

Check out our Field Care Tips.
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Fish Taxidermy Field Care

These steps will ensure the best opportunity for producing a quality mount.


  • Make sure to lay fins down on the fish.
  • Place in a plastic bag and freeze.  Keep the fish as straight as  possible.
  • A wet towel can work as well in place of a plastic bag.
  • Make sure to take length and girth measurements prior to freezing.


  • Don’t use newspaper to wrap your fish.  This can cause the fish to dry out and transfer ink from the scales.